Laura Mercier Silk Créme Foundation

Hey everyone, so I’ve been wearing this foundation long enough to tell you all my thoughts on it. I have been intrigued by this foundation for quite some time. Everytime I ask for a sample each counter tells me they don’t have pots. Now I’ve heard this from other people as well so my betting is Laura Mercier doesn’t give out samples. Which in my opinion is ridiculous. The foundation is priced at €48 so if its not suitable is a complete waste of money.

I took the plunge and bought it. After hours on the internet reviewing it nearly every review told me it gave a nice semi matte finish with medium to high coverage. I was convinced it was the foundation for me. While I do like this foundation, I won’t repurchase and I’ll tell you why.

Ok firstly the shade selection is a little crap I think if you are darker than a NC/NW40 you might not find a shade dark enough, likewise if your lighter than a NC/NW15 this foundation wont run light enough for you. I swatched the two lightest shades in store and went with shade Soft Ivory. The reason for this was the next shade up was very dark on me. It was scarily orange. I would rather a foundation a little too light than too dark. Next when you go to apply it make sure you give it a good shake. Otherwise it will be very runny. I have applied this foundation with numerous of brushes and my fingers and I personally like the Real Techniques buffing brush. I preferred the coverage with the Sigma F8 but for some reason when I applied it with that brush is looked too dark on me. One thing I love about this foundation is that a little goes a long way. The pigmentation is great and you can cover your whole face with just a pea sized amount. However if you are like me and need a little extra coverage this is where I ran into problems.

I would apply a even layer all over my face then go back in over the blemishes. What I found is throughout the day it would come off my blemishes rather quickly and almost looked flaky where I had applied a little extra. This frustrates me a lot as a foundation marketed as a medium to high coverage foundation, you would think it would look ok built up. Another thing I was really let down about was that this foundation transferred like there’s no tomorrow. I would touch my face and it would come off on my hands, if I used my phone it would be smeared all over my screen. So not cool for €48. I used setting powder and fixing spray and this still happened.

I have also found this found makes me look oiler. I wore this on a plane last week and I was soaked with oil on my face. I have never experienced this with any foundation before not even a BB cream.
While this foundation has its flaws it does have some good points. It looks super natural. Even if applied over blemishes and layered up, its just the layers don’t hold up very well. It has a lovely finish, its a semi matte finish that gives a subtle glow. The shade is my perfect shade. The best of all is it DID NOT break me out. Praise the lord!

I wont buy this foundation again as it didn’t last on my skin at all. It was melting off within 3-4 hours. I have acne and I want my foundation to last throughout the day especially as I take time to cover everything. It transfers terribly. I would say in terms of coverage if you have a lot of acne unless you have industrial strength concealer I would give this foundation a miss. It can be build up to a full coverage but then you are wearing a lot of makeup and it still breaks down and wears off just as quick. I don’t really understand the hype around this foundation.

The hunt for the perfect foundation continues ……

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  1. My personal favourite foundation is Gosh xceptional wear, and I think you and I are about the same skin tone! I just posted up a review of it on my blog if you'd like to check it out :)



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