Current Beauty Wishlist #1 (Paris Edition)

Ok so I’m off to Paris for my 22nd Birthday on the 22nd of this month. I have been googling what I need to get while I’m there. I know people go mad for the skincare over there, but I have to be so carful with skin products so I can’t get everything that people recommend. I did however watch a video from Lisa Eldridge and I jotted down a few of here favourites. The rest is makeup that I have wanted for a while, but either had no money due to saving for this holiday or the fact where I live, Nars is only stocked in Dublin, I live 3 hours away so Its a long way to go for a blush. Anyway…I talk way too much. Here is my wish list. I also am going to pop into MUJI while I’m there so I will probably get some makeup brush storage. Here’s the wishlist:

1. Nuxe Reve De Miel. This is a lipbalm, but its matte. Sounds good to me, I love lipbalm just as much as the next person however I hate that sticky feeling or the feeling like your drooling. Lisa mentions this in here video as a miracle lipbalm that helps out dry lips almost overnight. Either way I got to have it.

2. Biorderma, the reason people go to Paris right? But seriously I plan on buying around 4 bottle of this. Is that excessive? Its just so expensive to buy here cause you got to order from ebay and it ends up being €22 for one bottle. While my sources have told me (mon amie francaise de twitter) if I pronounced that wrong I’m sorry! It was a pure stab in the dark. I have not done French since I left school. Anyway my friend Melodie told me you can get two bottle for €15 in some pharmacies. So why not buy.

3.Nars Laguna Bronzer. I have wanted this for the longest time. I always convince myself I don’t need it, but I am obsessed with Nars at the moment so I am getting it. I need it (I really don’t) but I do. It don’t count when your on holiday how much money you spend. Number 1 rule of being a tourist.

4. Nars Desire Blush. Again descried above. I need it but I don’t. I just want it. I am loving nars blushes. They are my all time fave brand for blushes.

5. Mac Chatterbox Lipstick, you are probably thinking why not get that in Ireland, simple answer Is I refuse to pay €18 for a lipstick. But when I’m on holiday it wont count. Rules are rules.

6. Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm. I saw this on the sunday girls blog and everything she features on her blog I end up buying one way or another. Again, I need anything that will make my lips soft.

Ok that’s all I can think off at the moment, But I bet I will spend a fortune over there, I have no self control. Between the skincare, makeup and cakes I’ll lose loads of pounds and gain a load of pounds. If you know what I mean.

Have any recommendations for me?
I leave you with this lovely picture of some macaroons that my brother has ordered me to buy him.
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  1. Excellent choices! I especially love your lipstick rule - solid! :)

    1. Totally got to live by that rule lol x


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