The Makeup Store Mascara & Lipstick Review

Hey everyone, I have a review today on a new mascara and a new lipstick I received. I’ll start with the mascara. When it comes to mascara’s I am super fussy. I have the worlds worst lashes, They hardly curl, they go straight down and they have a mind of their own. So I usually go for waterproof mascara’s as they tend to hold the curl better than normal mascara.
Now I was very excited to receive this, I liked the look of the wand when I opened it and it seemed very promising and it didn’t let me down when I tried it. The formula is a little wet compared to other waterproof mascara, I have tried. With that it does take longer to dry. However I find this much easier to take off then regular waterproof mascara, yet it still last all day and keeps the curl. I found this mascara left my lashes very black like MUFE Smokey Lash. Which I like. It also added great length to my lashes, as you can see from the last picture it made my bottom lashes super long. It however doesn’t add a lot of volume but I prefer mascaras, that add length as it makes my lashes look better as they are so messed up.
Overall I would buy this mascara again and I have added it to my makeup bag and I also used it in my latest makeup tutorial which can me seen here.
*On a side not please excuse my unplugged eyebrows. I am being so lazy lately then when I to do them it hurts like hell.

The Lipstick……

One word for this lipstick and that’s ‘Amazing’, I usually never find the perfect nude lipstick, I’ve been looking for the perfect nude lipstick for ages, ones I’ve tried are too pale, or too orange and I end up looking like a corpse. I came close to Mac Hue, but sometimes depending on my skin tone, it can look too washed out. However this little gem is the one. The ‘My Lips But Better’ shade. The shade is called Trip and is a Sheer formula.
I love this lipstick. Its a glossy lipstick and its so hydrating. Which is great for me as my lips are so dry lately. It lasts for a long time and it fades off my lips instead of sticking in the corners leaving that horrible white rim. I hate that. I cannot say enough but this lipstick. Other than I love it.
I also received a gorgeous nail polish but I am waiting till my nails are grown as they all snapped and I don’t think it will look great on my stubby nails.
I am seriously impressed with these products from The Makeup Store and I cannot wait to pick up some more stuff, I may even try out their blushes and eyeshadow.
Have you tried any products from The Makeup Store?
You can see their products here.
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