A Clarisonic Dupe For €5….Say What!

I’m using the word ‘Dupe’ lightly in this post. I know your probably thinking from looking at the picture, that's nothing like a clarisonic. You would be right thinking that. It looks nothing like the clarisonic and I’m not claiming its as good as it, but its the closest dupe I’ve found on a budget. I guess the only difference is its not powered supplied. That's right you have to put the work in with this one but for €5, you surly don’t mind.
I picked this little beaut up in Sephora in Paris. I spotted it in its little pot and thought wow, I’ll give this a go and see what it does. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but I was pleasantly surprised and its results. The bristles are really soft when you first use it, once its wet it tends to stiffen up. Which I think is a good thing as you have more control over it when your buffering this around your face. I usually run it under the water in the shower, then pop my cleanser onto it and buff into my skin.

I have found this a great little tool for removing dead skin cells, and just giving my skin an all over radiant glow. I have found that it makes my cleanser more effective. The current cleanser I was using didn’t do a very good job at removing makeup but since using this it has deep cleansed my skin leaving it clean and super smooth.

I have also noticed a difference in my skin from using this little facial brush. My foundation goes on smoothly and products sink into my skin much better like moisturisers etc. I am very impressed with this brush. I have seen a few brands coming out with a facial brush that is almost clarisonic dupe like. A few have gotten good reviews and some have gotten bad reviews. I actually have a pretty good dupe for the clarisonic if you want something that actually operates the same as the clarisonic. You can find that product review here. However if you want something that is bank card friendly and does a pretty good job, I cannot recommend one of these Sephora facial brushes enough. I mean for €5, you can’t really go wrong.

Have your tried this brush? Are you a Clarisonic owner?

Lauren x

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  1. If only the uk had sephora!

  2. Hi Lauren!
    The closest dupe to the clarisonic is actually the olay pro x system (: Many of my friends have tried it, and liked it a lot considering the price :)


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