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Allure MagazineAllure Magazine
Ever since I finally carved and bought an iPad  I have been looking at magazines and books I can read in bed. I came across Allure Magazine in the app store. I had heard people talk about this in the beauty community, however I had heard it was hard to get hold of, due to the fact it is an American magazine. So I downloaded the app and checked out how much it would cost for a years subscription. It cost me €17.99 for the year. Which I consider pretty reasonable as it costs way more to get the magazines delivered to you, there is tons in the magazine and you get one month free so If you don’t like it you can cancel it before you pay €17.99.

The magazine itself is in super HD quality so way better than a magazine, the pictures are so clear you can see every little detail in the makeup that’s feature. Perfect for me as I will be recreating some of the looks that are in these magazines. Another thing is it has video features, it was almost like I was reading a harry potter newspaper (nerd reference, funny if you know what I mean by this) You can watch interviews with the person feature on the cover etc.  The main concept of the magazine is its all makeup/beauty. Which is great usually magazines have a section of beauty but nothing hardcore beauty.

I really like the magazine so far and thought I mention it, you can also download it on your iPhone or iPod. If you are always longing for a magazine dedicated to all things beauty then this is for you.
Have you read Allure? Any other magazines I should read?

Lauren x

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