Bioderma Makeup Remover

Finally after years of hearing about this miracle product, I got my hands on it. Bioderma makeup remover, hyped all around the blogging community, used by all the makeup artists, named the best makeup remover. Did it live up to its hype.....YES!

While in France, it was the one thing I had on my agenda to get. I was told by my Parisian friend Melodie, that I should shop around, due to the fact the pharmacies over there have different prices. I tracked one down that was 2 for €15.99. Bargain. I only picked up two bottles, now kicking myself I didn't buy about 4 sets lol. I didn't want to buy loads as everything breaks me out and makes me react with my super sensitive skin. However so far, nothing has happened. Praise The Lord!

When I first applied it, it did make my skin a little red, but it was like any other product it calmed down after a minute or two. A good test of how good Bioderma is, is how good it removes waterproof mascara. Low and behold, it removes it like a dream, without having to tug and drag my eyes. I usually apply one squeeze onto a cotton pad and sweep all around my face for all my face makeup, then take a clean cotton pad and do my eyes. I can literally remove my whole face of makeup within 2 minutes with this stuff, seriously impressed.

I cannot say enough about Bioderma. I think it's one of those products that will be a staple in my life for a long time. I will track it down on amazon and buy 20 odd euro. That's how much I love it. Come to think of it I need to buy more so I can put some in my kit. In a nutshell Bioderma, is quick, easy and effective. I adore it.

Have you tried Bioderma? What's your cult product to remove makeup?
Lauren xxx

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