Butter London Spring Collection: Fruit Machine

Butter London Fruit Machine
Butter London Fruit Machine
So as part of the blogging community, I was invited to the launch of the Butter London Spring collection. Sadly I couldn't make it due to other commitments, however the lovely lady called Emma, emailed me saying she would sent me on a goody bag. I was very excited as I've never tried Butter London before.

When the package arrived I had to apply it straight way. This post was actually meant to go up weeks go, but my nails have been so damaged and broken, that I wouldn't be doing the polish any justice shoving it on my stumpy nails. So a new nail regime and a few weeks later, the nails are growing, and I thought its about time I showed off this gorgeous polish

As a newbie to Butter London, I wasn't sure what to expect all I knew was they were hard to get hold off and everyone raved about them. Little did I know that it is the nicest polish I've ever applied in my life. Being a bit of a nail polish fanatic, I've tried many brands and none compare to the the creaminess and opaqueness of Butter London.

Onto the shade, the colour I received was called ‘Fruit Machine’, when I was eying up the spring collection, this one was on my "I hope I get that one" list. I love pink nail polish. Most of my collection is like 50 shades of pink. However this colour is so different to anything I have, it's a pink with a blue lilac undertone. It's defiantly something you would see Barbie wearing and it's a perfect shade for spring/summer. As for wear time so far I've had this polish on 3 days and its beginning to wear off on the tips, now that could be the fact my nails are growing, or just general wear and tear. I will say thou, that it has lasted more than most, I live in the country so I do light fires and do all things country, so most polishes don't last at all.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this polish. I am currently checking out websites where I can buy more of these. I have seen a few colours, that tickle my fancy.

Have you tried Butter London? What shades should I buy?

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