L’oreal Glam Shine Satin Splash Review & Swatches

L’oreal Glam Shine Satin SplashL’oreal Glam Shine Satin Splash Marilyn and eve
L’oreal Glam Shine Satin Splash Marilyn and eve
So these have been compared to the YSL glossy stains, I have not tried those as I refuse to pay all that money for a lipgloss. Its against my morals. However I have tried and tested the L’oreal version and I am here to tell you what I think of them.

Upon swatching these in store, I was not sure about which ones to get. I noticed when I swatched them they got darker on my hand as I was stood there deciding so, that's one thing to consider when picking a shade, they tend to dry darker. I went with two pink shades, one of which has a purple/lilac tone to it and the other is a typical hot magenta colour.The colours I picked up anyway were Marilyn and Eve. Marilyn is a magenta pink sort of colour, it appears really pink in the tube however once applied to the lips it dries to a reddish pink. Eve looks like a purple pink in the tube but again once it dries it look more like how Marilyn looks in the tube. Very strange colouring going on with these products. I also think it depends on your natural lip colour, I believe these would dry differently on different people.

The formulation of the lip stains are non sticky, which I adore. I hate the feeling of something sticky on my lips and that’s why I rarely ever buy lip glosses. The go on evenly and they feel a tad bit wet once applied but once they dry you wouldn't think you had anything on your lips. What I’ve noticed about lip stains is that they can dry out your lips, I have not found that with these.
The staying power is amazing, literally I had these on for about 5 hours with drinking and they only budged a tiny bit, which I think is pretty awesome. When I applied these in store the swatches on my hand stayed on all day and night I had to scrub my hand to remove them.

Overall I am really impressed with the L’oreal Lip Stains, they really did wow me, I was a little unsure as to what to expect. I will say thou if you are going to buy these, If you like vivid lip colours, you might want to go for a darker shade as they are a little sheer, but they can be build up and the colour on the tube will needed to be tested before you buy as they dry a lot different. In spite of that they are pretty good. I haven’t stopped wearing Marilyn since I got it.

Have you tried these? Do I need to try the YSL Glossy Stains?

Lauren x
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