Tangle Teezer........Best Thing Invented

Tangle TeezerTangle Teezer
Ok, I got one question for you all. Why did I not buy this sooner? I mean c’mon its amazing. I was literally blown away when I ran this through my hair.
I always walk pass these in Boots I think to myself €15 for a brush, I think not. However I was in my local chemist and noticed they had it for €9.99 It was like a sign. I needed to buy it. How glad am I that I did. I kid you not, you brush your hair with this thing and you cannot feel a thing. Like little angels have come and untangled your hair for you.

I get knotty hair big time. After a shower its near impossible to brush without pulling my scalp apart. I also get knots when its seriously wind swept. This brush glides through the hair and detangles every single knot and clump without you even thinking you are detangling your hair. I honestly cannot believe how good this is. I am always sceptical about something that is so hyped up. However I think this is so worth all the hype it gets. I would pay €15 or even more for this little beaut. I cannot recommend enough.
Have you tried the tangle teezer? If not what are you waiting for?

Lauren x

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