Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Shade 51
Now I may be late on the band wagon with this foundation, but I never actually thought of buying it, I will be honest I always thought Bourjois foundations didn't run light enough for my pale skin and I had heard it wasn't that much coverage so I generally never thought about buying it.

However lately I find myself reaching for less coverage foundations for days I want to just go for au natural looks and for the days I can’t be bothered to spend hours in the mirror covering every single blemish. My skin is not the most perfect skin ever as you have probably seen in previous posts and videos. I do have acne, but fingers crossed its getting better so I find I can get away with lesser coverage but just a good concealer.

The main reason I actually bought this is because essie button mentioned it in one of her videos and she stated she loved it and it was a perfect match. Now us pale ladies do struggle finding drugstore foundations that will match us. I was pleasantly surprised when shade 51 was a perfect match for me. No joke, it blends into my skin and there is no difference between my neck and face. Praise the lord. The shade itself is on the yellow side as are most of Bourjois foundations. Which I personally love, since I'm as yellow as SpongeBob. It doesn't oxidise on me either unlike the 123 Perfect foundation. It also hasn't broken me out.

Now for the coverage. The bottle has level 1 as coverage which must mean light, I would say its a light to medium. You can still see my blemishes though it, not majorly but it wont cover active breakouts. So a concealer is needed. It is buildable. However you won’t get full coverage from this foundation, if you have a lot to cover, I wouldn't recommend. The finish of this foundation is a semi matte finish, it has a nice glow to it, but It doesn't make me oily or greasy looking. It is very natural looking, almost to the point you wouldn't know I had foundation on, if you have no flaws at all, I reckon your skin would look amazing with this foundation on.

Overall I am very impressed with this foundation. The finish is loving, the coverage is a little less than I wanted but I can work with it. The staying power is also pretty good last a good 6 hours on me, which I find good with my oily skin. If I powder with this foundation I would easily get another 2 hours wear.

Have you tried this foundation?


  1. I bought this on a whim last year when it was all the hype and it wasn't until I got home and tried it that I realised it was a sheer coverage! long live full coverage! smells incredible though :P xxx

    1. It does smell amazing. I agree it's sheer enough. Still a nice foundation

  2. Love this foundation, rediscovering it the last few days! :)


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