Real Techniques Face Brushes- Full Review

So if you follow my YouTube channel, you will know, I am a huge lover of the Real Techniques brushes. The face brushes are a daily ritual with me and I cannot recommend them enough. I am going to go into detail about each brush, to give you an inside as to what brush does what.
Starting Left to right:

So first up we have the Setting Brush. Now I will say, when I first bought this I was like "what the hell do I use this brush for". I then decided I could use it for highlighter, but found that if the highlighter has glitter in it, it deposits too much glitter and you end up looking messy, so now I use it to set concealer under my eyes and I sometimes use it to apply non glitter highlighter. I don't think this is a must have, but it's a decent enough brush.

Next is the Detail Brush. This one if perfect for applying concealer onto a blemishes with precision. I suppose you could use this brush for eye makeup. However I have never tried.

The Pointed Foundation Brush. I see no reason for this brush exsisitance. It's too small for foundation unless you had a face as small as Barbie. The only time, I've used this is to mix foundation colours. This is part of the Core Collection and I wish they replaced it with another brush.

The Contour Brush. Self explanatory really, perfect for contour as it shape fits nicely into the hallows of your cheeks. I also use this brush for cream blush, works wonders for that job. Again this is part of the Core Collection.

The Expert Face Brush. A flat but rounded ( hard to explain), dense brush that applies foundation flawlessly and effortlessly. Really like this brush. Gives amazing results. Can be used with foundation and cream blush. Hey I've even used it for contouring.

Buffing Brush, a brush that is in a league of its own. This is part of the Core Collection and I will say this, if it meant spending €28 for this brush alone, I would pay it. It applies foundation so quickly and gives amazing results, probably one of my most used and faves.

The Blush Brush. At first I was on the fence about this one. I used to think this brush was too big for blush and it never picked up product. However I learned it works well for blush that is pigmented but not those blushes that you need to apply about fifty times to see any colour it simply doesn't work. Either way I recommend it, if the blush is pigmented you will love it. I even use this as a bronzer brush somedays.

The big ass Powder Brush. This is a Big brush, I kid you not, but it gets the job done. I love this brush for powder, with a person with oily skin and acne, it's important, I apply powder to make everything last longer. This applies powder evenly without moving any correctional work I've done. You can even powder you neck area with this beaut.

Lastly the Stippling Brush. When I first bought this, I only used it for applying a light coverage of foundation, now I use it for all sorts of things, highlighter, applying primer, applying cream products, cream blush. It really is a multi purpose brush. Love it.

So there you have it, my full, quick review on the real techniques Face Brushes. I actually don't own the kabuki Brush. However out of all these brushes tried and tested, I say get the Core Collection as it is the birth of the Buffing Brush. Also get the expert face brush and defiantly get the stippling brush. Or get them all.
Have you tried Real Techniques?
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  1. Great post! I really need to get my hands on these brushes!xx

  2. I love the expert face brush!


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