Ways To Follow Makeup By Lauren Marie

So you may have heard about google reader kicking the bucket, yep that's right that little box to the right where it says join this site is leaving for good. I really don't understand why. Anyways with that going, if you want to keep up to date with all the latest blog posts on here, you are going to have to find another source.
Well fear no more, I have linked up some places you can keep up with all the latest posts. 
First off is Bloglovin. If you are a member, which I highly recommend being if you read a lot of blogs, you get all your blogs in one space. Perfect. Then there is Facebook, I Facebook all my latest posts on there, or if your sick of Facebook as much as I am, then there is twitter. I tweet new posts as soon as they go live.
If you like to be still part of this blog, Blog Lovin is the only way to go really, the other two are just in formatives.

Also if you have a blog, leave me your blog lovin link below. I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to read and not just beauty. I like decor, fashion, lifestyle, cooking and anything really. So drop me a link below.
As always thanks for reading x

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