Every now and then I go on a blogging spree, where I read blogs and write down all the things that I need. This month is no difference. I am lusting after so many things but I've narrowed it down to 5, it seemed like the responsible thing to do. So lets get cracking with the list.

First up. Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck. I am a huge fan and I loved the first one so thought why not get the second one. I want a new perfume for my holiday and this seems right up my street. Next we have Nars Blush In Gina. I have wanted this for ages, since I don't live near a nars counter I haven't got it yet, however I'm adding this to my sephora list. It's a peach toned blush that is matte and looks amazing. Cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Moving onto Soap & Glory Gloss Sticks, anything to do with lips, I got to have. These look amazing and I've seen swatches online and I want them all. I am a huge chubby stick lip kind of girl. They are easy to wear and great to throw in your bag. Then we have Nars Concealer. Again wanted it for so long, but after recently see GossMakeupArtist mention it, I need it even more. I suffer from a little discolouration under they eyes so this lightweight formula will do be grand.
Ok so lastly we have The Real Techniques Duo Fibre brush collection. Being the biggest RT fan, it was only right I would want these. They look amazing and I've seen nothing but good reviews, I will tell you a secret I actually order these last night....oops that's what I get for staying awake till 3am on the iPad. I sleepbuy, it's a real condition.

So that's the Wishlist, what have you had your eye on? Have you tried these?