My Makeup Storage Set Up

So last night, I tidied out my entire makeup collection, there was so much stuff that I had not used for ages or stuff that I generally bought and never liked, so I got a huge bag and tossed away anything I didn't want. I like to keep my professional makeup and my 'own' makeup separate,  I do sometimes throw things into my kit etc, but most of the time I only use what I buy for myself. So I thought why not a post showing you how I store my makeup and maybe it will give you guys some tips.

So starting with my everyday makeup, or things I use the most. I have my vanity/dressing table next to my bed  where I store the makeup I reach for the most. In here I keep most used palettes, lipsticks, blushes and so on. The containers they are stored in are from Ikea. I'll give you a quick run through without going into too much detail. At the back there is a Z Palette where I have depotted most of my Benefit Blushes and a few sleek blushes. I actually regret depotting my Benefit blushes but it does make it easier as I so use these in my kit. Then I have my naked palettes and some more palettes I use the most. There is a setting spray which I adore. Then at the front there is a selection of lipsticks, I love lipstick and blush so these are my weakness. Next to that face powder I alternate between the two, then I have face products,eye products and my favourite part my blushes and bronzers and highlighters.

My everyday skincare also sits in this draw, this is mainly just products I'm either currently testing or just loving and have become a ritual. Bioderma is a huge love and I use La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo everyday. Then I have some faves like Caudalie and La Creme Concentrate in there aswell. The wicker basket is from Dunnes.
My brushes sit on top in a Muji container. I also keep cotton pads on top aswell in a pretty jar I got from Dunnes, which came with a lot of tea light candles.

I also keep my favourite perfumes on top. These are the ones I love the most and use the most. They are Calvin Klein Euphoria, Lancome Midnight Rose, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck and Marc Jacobs Daisy. There is also a nail polish on top but thats because I painted my nails with it last night, review coming soon on that one.

Now here is where I store the rest of my makeup. The last two drawers are currently empty and I might pop my nail polish in there or something, I haven't decided.  The unit is from Ikea and is still available. I really want the 'Alex' unit, but it wont match my bedroom as I have no white furniture so this is my alternative. Its a good enough unit, the drawers are a little deep, but its great for storing skincare or things you want to keep upright.

So top drawer has eye pencils and lip pencils. It also has primers for the eyes and all my coloured bases. The majority is Maybelline Color Tattoos. The grey tray is from Ikea, the other little units are things I found in the recycling. I'm so environmentally friendly lol

Next drawer is my eye palettes. This ranges from Urban Decay, Sleek, MUA, Kiko, Covergirl, Sephora, Almay and Avon. There is a bit of everything in here. I love this drawer especially when It comes to tutorials.

Next drawer is my left over things that I don't use that often, I have some face products like foundations and bases and extra blushes and bronzers. I have some singular eyeshadows in the corner. I had no where to put those. I have another palette thrown at the back as it wouldn't fit in the palette drawer. Lastly I have some more lip products.

Last Drawer is my skincare and hair care drawer, mostly a back up drawer. I don't have lot of hair care as I binned so much. I am very fussy when it comes to haircare and I got rid of so much skincare so If you made the cut, go you (I'm talking to the products)

Ok that is my makeup storage bit of a long post. Hope you don't mind. I hope if you looking for any storage ideas you might have found some. I did a separate post on my dressing table which can be found here. 

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  1. Loved this post! I really like those drawers, so cute! I got mines from ikea too but I think Im gona go back and get a bigger set! xox

    1. Thanks lovely, u know ur collection is expanding when u need a bigger unit lol xxx

  2. I really like your set up:)

  3. You are so organised! I am terrible with my storage, I could spend ages tidying it up and ten minutes later it's in a mess haha

  4. i am the same thou, this is how it looks after i have had a good sort out, guarantee by the end of this week it will be messy again. its impossible to keep tidy.


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