Sigma F80 Brush Review

Sigma F80 Brush
Sigma F80 Brush
I was cleaning my brushes and noticed I have not mentioned this brush before, the Sigma F80 kabuki brush. One of my favourites for a full, yet natural coverage. The brush itself is well densed and can be a little hard to work with when it's brand spanking new however once it's used once or twice it loosens up and blends foundation like a dream.
You can apply foundation two ways with this foundation, you can stipple it on giving yourself a flawless finish or you can buff the foundation in also giving a flawless finish but with a little less coverage if you were to stipple it on. The bristles of the brush are really soft but hard enough to keep its shape after many washes.
That's one thing I hate about about this brush, yep you guessed washing this brush is a nightmare. You can literally spend 10-15 minutes trying to clean this thing. I have found letting it soak in olive oil for a minute or two helps loosen the foundation and makes cleaning a little easier, but it's still pretty annoying. Another thing I don't like about this brush and this might just be me or the foundation I use. I find if I use this brush continuously for a few days the foundation builds up on it in such a way that when you apply a new face of makeup the foundation on the brush has oxidised and causes your new lot of foundation to look a little off in colour. So spot cleaning may be needed or deep cleaning would probably be your best bet.
Either way I do love this brush, I relay on it when my skin is looking a little worse for wear. It gives me a full coverage look whatever the foundation I use. It also gives the skin a natural airbrushed look without looking to overdone. I give it my seal of approval.
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  1. Absolutely adore this brush

  2. Love sigma brushes there definitely my fav's! :) x

    1. me too. Love how they are so affordable but great quality x

  3. I adore this brush and the F84 too. Although I agree about the build up oxidising. I spot clean with mac brush cleaner in between deep cleans and find it really helps


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