Top 5 Cult Beauty Products Series- Avril's Picks

Here we have it, another installment of my new series, Top 5 cult products. This week we have the lovely Avril from BlushFulBeauty, she is going to be telling us here top 5 products she cannot live without  So without further a do, over to you Avril....

Burt's Bees Lip Balm- It costs about €4 from Boots and is my all time favourite lip balm. As a lover of lipstick a good balm is a necessity and Burt's conditions and hydrates your lips like no other. And its great for just throwing in your bag for on the go touch ups. It doesn't contain petroleum like other balms and therefore won't dry out your lips if you stop using it. Win- win situation.

Inglot Primer - I've been using this primer for about 2 years and it is my all time favourite primer. It costs about €20 and I think its better than its high end counter parts. You need the smallest bit to cover your entire face and your make up lasts all day. I've had the tube I'm on now for about 6 months and there is still a bit left. For a product I used almost everyday - that's a good lasting power.

Gel Liner - I think gel liner was the first make up item I really got into. I don't feel dressed up now unless I have it on. My liner of choice at the moment is Maybelline in Black. I've tried MAC and Inglot and Maybelline is just as good and much cheaper. It also comes with a liner brush with is very easy to use. For gel liner practice makes perfect, so if your unsure and wanna give it a go. Make sure you have some oil free make up remover and cotton buds at the ready to fix any mistakes.

Essie Polishes - I have a full blown obsession with Essie polishes. I can't even tell you how many I have at the moment. They range between €10 and €13 depending on where you get them but they are worth the price. They last nearly a full week on my nails and come in an amazing range of colours. Some of my favourites are Fiji, Mint Candy Apple and Cute as a Button. All great Summer colours too.

Lip Liner - Lip liner is a little bit of a multi-use lip product. You can use on its own with balm or gloss and under lipstick to make it last longer. You can also use lip liner to alter the shade of a lipstick. I love putting a dark purple or orange liner under a red lip stick to darken or brighten it  up. With a few different shades of liners and one lipstick you can create many different looks. Catrice do a good range of liners range from nudes right up to a dark berry colour -  similar to MAC Currant. These liners are great as they are creamy and easy to apply. Also at €2.50 they are as cheap as chips.

So there you go, more products us girls cannot live without. You can check out Avril's blog here and you can keep up to date with Avril on her twitter. 

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  1. I agree, i love the gel eyeliner so much, its amazing xoox

    Holly xxx

  2. I have that gel liner and it's so good, just as good as the Mac one. I also love the Essie polishes, have quite a few myself.


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