Bourjois Bronzing Primer

Bourjois Bronzing PrimerBourjois Bronzing PrimerBourjois Bronzing PrimerBourjois Bronzing Primer

Bourjois you just keep giving lately don't you. I have always loved Bourjois but lately they just keep upping their game. I think when people used to think about Bourjois they always thought the more expensive end of drugstore, however with every brand kind of at the same price level (way too expensive for drugstore) Bourjois has become more and more popular and its products like this one that I can understand why. 

When I first heard about this product everyone was saying it was a dupe for Soleil Tan De Chanel. Which with a price tag of €38.50 I am quite happy to find a dupe for the fraction of the price. I have swatched the Chanel one many times, trying to decide if I can pay €38.50 for a product that I know I would a) might be too orange/dark for my pale complexion and b) might not work well with my acne prone skin. I have also used the Chanel one at a makeup event before and I liked how it applied on a model but I was still unsure about spending that money. 

I was all over the Bourjois dupe. I picked this up for an introductory offer for €8.99. This product is sold as a primer, so its meant to go under your foundation, which I did do just for curiosity and its one big lol as how brown my face went. Anyway I think everyone is using this as a contour product or as a bronzer. Well that's what I've been using it like anyway. 

The consistency of this product is a mousse. Its a very creamy mousse a lot more creamier that the Chanel one. It has the same effect as the Chanel version but the textures and consistency are totally different. I feel if you have dry skin the Chanel one may not work for you as its quite thick not extremely thick but a lot thicker than the Bourjois version. I actually prefer the Bourjois version it blends in so effortlessly. The effect it leaves on the skin is very subtle. It just looks like your skin is naturally sunkissed. I really like how it looks on the skin, it makes it look healthy and glowing. It can be build up if you want a more dramatic effect but I honestly feel it looks great with using such a little amount. Here's the best thing, it is perfect for us pale girls. It doesn't look orange, muddy or over powering.....yay for us pale ladies!

As for staying time on the skin, I really put it to the test today, with the heat. I applied it at 10.30am and checked it at 5pm and it had faded a little but I still had colour and a glowing sunkissed look, it didn't look as good when first applied but it looked pretty good. 

Overall I am really impressed with this product. Giving that you use it as a bronzer and contour and not a primer I feel you will love it too. 

Have you tried Bourjois Bronzing Primer? 

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  1. I'm very pale too but I still think something like this would look absolutely ridiculous on me! I'm quite pink toned so I feel like tan just doesn't suit me full stop! This is a really interesting product though, if I was a bit darker I would definitely buy it!

    1. Im pretty pale and it works for me, what shade of foundation do you wear at the moment?


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