Get The Look: Aria Montgomery PLL

So I recently discovered Pretty Little Liars....I know i'm so late to the party, however in my defense I have been  glued to The Vampire Diaries for the longest time so I kind of have an excuse. Moving on, I love the girls makeup in this show. My fave girl is by far Hanna but I do love Aria's style she has some gorgeous features and I thought why not show you how you can create her look.

So to kick it all off, start off with good base, Aria has flawless skin yet its not glowing so a foundation like Nars Sheer glow will give you that natural look without looking too shiny or dewy. I know its called sheer glow but this foundation actually doesn't give you a dewy glow so its prefect for this look.

Next you want to contour the with a bronzer and apply it to the skin where the sun naturally hits it. I've chosen Bourjois bronzer as its affordable and matte. I haven't added a blush to this look as sometimes aria just looks bronzed so you can skip blush if you want or go for a earth toned blush.

For Aria's eye makeup you can pretty much create any of her looks with the naked 1 or 2 palettes. Play with colors until you get what looks like aria's eye makeup. Aria usually wears black eyeliner in her waterline so I've chosen Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in black as it will stay all day and is easy to apply as its soft and wont drag on your eye. Then we have her lashes oh boy her lashes. If you want to get her look completely  go for false lashes, otherwise go for a very volumising mascara, I've chosen L'oreal Million Lashes for this look. As Aria has pretty strong eyebrows don't forget to fill in your brows.

Lastly to finish opt for a glossy lipstick or lip product as Aria's lips are usually quite your lips but better. I've chosen a Lip stain from L'oreal in Pink resistance. 

So there you have it. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you want me to do the others girls look from PLL then comment below


  1. This is my new favourite blog post ever!! I adore Aria, and I think she is the most stylish of all the liars!



    1. I love her style. on season 3 now and loving it


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