Liz Earle Signature Foundation

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect foundation, well it seems like always and while I love my Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation it doesn't have the best staying power on my skin in hotter weather so I wanted a foundation that had similar results but with a longer staying time. I went onto Liz Earle and ordered the signature foundation, I've heard a lot of good things about this foundation and so I knew I had to to try it.

One thing I hate about ordering foundation online is its impossible to see what the undertone is and how dark or light a shade is. This is where I messed up big time. I ordered shade Porcelain which is the lightest shade and first time in the universe it was too light but not only was it too light its too pink for me. However I really like the foundation so I thought I would review it and let you guys know my thoughts.

So despite it being the wrong shade for me this foundation is pretty nice. It offers a light to medium coverage, more on the light side. When I was reviewing it people said it was medium coverage rather than light but I think its defiantly more on the light. While it covers well (ish) it still allows your skin to show through. This foundation is defiantly second skin material.  It leaves a semi matte finish to your skin, which looks very natural. If you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend this foundation as it will emphasis the dryness however oily skin ladies will love this stuff as it controls oil yet still looks like skin. If you have normal skin you will also love it.

In terms of wear time it lasts around 7 hours, depending on how oily you skin is and how hot the weather is. Pretty good time for a foundation I think. The texture of this foundation is creamy. It blends into the skin easily and is usable with many brushes and your fingers. I have nothing bad to day about this foundation. It has a nice finish and hasn't broke me out. Score!

I am gutted I didn't go with my instinct and order the second shade, however I think I will put this one in my kit and maybe order the next shade after my holidays.

Have you tried this foundation?

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