Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof Mascara

So if you know me, then you will know I have the world's worst lashes. Whatever I do to them, they never hold the curl or sometimes they never even curl. Yep they are straight as they can pretty much get. Put it this way sometimes they block my vision....not literally but I can see little lashes floating around my eye area some days. 

Anyways before I get carried away with my little stories, I wanted to share with you my answer to all my prayers. I picked up Maybelline The Falsies in the waterproof version (as it hold the curl longer) and I got to say I am sooooo impressed. I had The Falsies way back in the day when it first released. I liked it back then but never loved it. I mean it was good, but it never held my curl all day. Around 1 year ago, I came to the realization the best bet for me was to wear waterproof mascara. So I got Maybelline Colossal mascara in the waterproof version and was amazed at how well it preformed and never looked back. 

However last week I noticed my Colossal mascara was drying up and I decided to try a new one. So off to boots I went and thought why not give The Falsies another go in the waterproof version. Holy moly, I'm so glad I did. It has literally changed my lashes life. The curl is unbelievable and it lasts all day long, literally, way better than the Colossal and I love the Colossal. 

The brush is curved to give you a really nice application, and it helps curve your lashes into shape. This mascara doesn't add a lot of volume to the lashes but it defiantly adds a lot of length to the lashes. My lashes have never looked so long. I am so happy I bought this. 

One thing I realized when doing this post is, its really hard to photograph your lashes. 

Have you tried this mascara?

Maybelline Falsies Mascara retails for: €11.99, £7.99 & $6.99
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  1. Wow that uplift is pretty amazing!! Your lashes look so long!


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