My New Fave Mac Eyeshadow Duo

MAC All That Glitter And Satin TaupeMAC All That Glitter And Satin TaupeMAC All That Glitter And Satin Taupe

I was on the hunt for a new mac duo that I can take on holiday with me, this year I have told myself I am packing minimal so I wanted an eyeshadow for the day and a shadow that I could add in the crease to darken it up and add a little more drama to the eyes for the evenings. So off I went on my merry way to twitter and asked 'what shadow goes with mac all that glitters' as this was the one I knew I wanted for the day. I got a lot of comments from people saying Satin Taupe and I also got people saying Mulch and Bronze.

I had bronze so I knew it wasn't what I wanted it wasn't dark enough, so while in Mac I swatched for about 20 minutes and finally decided on Satin Taupe. I just loved the way it popped beside  All That Glitters. Satin Taupe does have this metallic look to it, a little shimmery but nothing over the top. While on the other hand, All That Glitters is like the perfect girly everyday colour. One sweep across the lid and you have a gorgeous pink gold shimmery colour. So pretty, I cannot believe I haven't bought it yet. I will admit I've thought about buying it for a long time, yet every time I swatch it I didn't see why its so hyped. However after applying it to the lid...I am in love.

I love the way the two colours compliment each other so well. I know it doesn't give me a super dark crease, but I like the overall effect. I am off to Barcelona and want to keep my makeup at night minimal aswell but I want to look like I've bothered if you know what I mean. 

While I'm here I would like to thank Mairead for giving me the duo palette and saving me €7. Very much appreciated. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAlso a big shoutout to Nuala Marie for the Satin Taupe suggestion. You have great choice lady.


  1. such a cute duo, looks lovely xoxoxx

    1. They are so amazing together. the prefect duo :) xxx


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