Real Techniques Duo Fiber Limited Edition Collection

Real Techniques Duo Fiber CollectionReal Techniques Duo Fiber Collection 
So when Real Techniques announced they were releasing a new collection of brushes, I knew I had to have them. I mean I honestly think I am obsessed with my RT brushes. They are the best set of face brushes I own. I'm not a lover of their eye brushes, I just don't think they have hit the nail on the head with the eye brushes yet, even though this set has a really good brush, I still feel RT have the room to design some more good eye brushes, the starter set didn't really do it for me. However this set really impressed me. 

The set consists of three duo fiber brushes two of which are face brushes and one is an eye brush. The bristles of this set are completely different to the regular line of RT brushes. The brushes are designed to give a more lighter application of makeup, they pick up less product and thus give you a lighter application. 

First up is the face brush. I use this brush mainly for a light dusting of powder. It applies such a little amount but still enough to keep my oil at bay. It can also be used for bronzer, blush or anything that tickles your fancy. The brush itself is kind of floppy so it would be no good for foundation or anything that needs to be buffed into the skin. 

Next is the contour brush, similar shape to the original contour brush from RT, yet the bristles are different. This brush is more denser than the face brush, so it will work with a variety of makeup formulas. I have been using this for my cream/mousse bronzer. It applies really well and really buffs the product into the skin. I feel you could use this brush for foundation aswell. This brush I actually love, it impressed me big time and is the one I've been using the most from the collection.

Lastly is the eye brush, when I first used this, I noticed it was quite scratchy, not a major issue but it did make applying eyeshadow a little uncomfortable. So I washed it and now its a little softer. I don't know if you will need to do it with yours, but it certainly made a different with mine. The brush itself is the first eye brush from real techniques I actually like, it does a pretty impressive job of blending eyeshadow. It effortlessly gets rid of those harsh eyeshadow lines and it does so with so little pressure as the brush just barley touches the skin. Pretty impressive.

Overall I am impressed with this limited collection from RT. I didn't really expect any less from RT. Like I mentioned I'm a huge fan and I can't find fault with the quality of their brushes. I still stand by saying they should do another eyeshadow brush collection maybe some brushes like mac 217 and sigma e25 would be awesome. I will have to start a campaign. 

I bought my set from and they came to €14.99 with shipping, that's like half the price that what you can pick these up for in boots. 

Duo Core Collection retails for: €14.99 (iherb) €30.00 (boots), £23.99 & $19.99 

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