So while out shopping last weekend my lovely brother treated me to a lipbutter. Ain't he the best. I went shopping with no intention of buying anything as I'm currently on a spending ban yet I still returned home with yet another lipstick. Addiction is not the word. 

So when I noticed Revlon had released new shades for the spring/summer I knew I had to give one a try. I picked Juicy Papaya which in the packing looks like a pretty strong red/coral/orange shade but once on the lips as always with the lip butters the colour is less intense and leaves a gorgeous coral/pink your lips but better shade. I will go as far to say this is my favourite lip butter I've tried so far from Revlon in terms of the colour. Its so wearable and I can honestly say I would wear it everyday. 

I have a full review of the revlon lipbutter here with my overall thoughts on them I won't bore you with all the details I just had to show you this pretty colour. I am very tempted to go back and get Watermelon, but I will contain myself. 

Have you tried Juicy Papaya? Is it a colour you would buy?

Previous Revlon Lip Butters shades tried & tested : Sweet Tart

Juicy Papaya Retails For: €11.20, £7.99 & $7.49