Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume

It is no secret that I love Taylor Swift. I bought her last perfume just because it had her name on it and I fell in love with that perfume. So I knew I had to get the latest addition to the collection. It has been out in the states for quite some time, however it also takes a while for it to get its uk/Ireland release. So when it hit the UK website I ordered it without even reviewing it. I have no self control.

Three weeks later the perfume was mine. I quickly opened it to get a whiff at what I just spend €35 on. Which by the way is amazing for 100ml. The perfume itself comes in a fancy bottle that looks vintage and has the cute signature charms around the cap, different to the other bottle but along the same lines. The bottle also has that glistening shimmer to it making it look pretty in different lights.

Now for how this thing smells. I am no expert on how to describe smells in fact I am the worst person to describe smells. However I will give it a shot. Ok to me it has this sweet vanilla smell with a woody/ musky scent to it. It also has a berry, fruity floral scent to it, however I feel the vanilla musky scent is what your left with as it wears off throughout the day.

I really like this perfume, even more than the original. I feel it's more mature than the original fragrance and would appeal to a more wider range of women.

It's perfect for summer with its fruity and floral mixed scent and I will be defiantly taking this on holidays with me.

Have you tried this perfume? Which one do you prefer?
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  1. I must own it!!!!

    Great post, glad to see I'm not the only T-Swizzle fan here!! :D


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