Top 5 Cult Beauty Products Series- Dani's Picks

So today I have another installment of the Top 5 Cult Product series. This week we have the lovely Dani from, she is going to be telling us the 5 beauty products she cannot live without. So without further a do, it over to Dani.....

 Mac Full Coverage Foundation. I forgot how incredible this was until searching for containers to bring back to Mac the other day. While I hate it as an all-over foundation - the coverage is incredible but it looks really heavy, greasy and cakey on the face - it makes for the most perfect concealer. It has such great pigmentation that any imperfections will be covered instantly and I find using it with fingertips really helps to melt the product into the skin beautifully. Although it may seem pricey especially if you are purely using it for concealing purposes, some say it is the Studio Fix Concealer repackaged in a bigger container which works out cheaper per gram! 

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows. We've all bought or received make up palettes and used one or two colours to death while ignoring several others we don't like. With Inglot's Freedom System you get to choose all the colours that go into it your palette so you know there will be no dud shades. The best part is the quality of these shadows. I worked at Inglot for a brief stint and can tell you that every single shade, regardless of finish, has incredible pigmentation and lasting power! My one bug bear is that they are labelled with numbers rather than having names but when you love them as much as I do, it isn't too difficult to remember them!

Aqueous Cream. With all the expensive, technologically and scientifically advanced skincare products on the market today, nobody is more surprised than me that I favour Aqueous Cream. This is a moisturizing cream developed for eczema and psoriasis and is available in any pharmacy, usually under their own brand name. The best part is that they sell it in GIANT tubs which will set you back less than a fiver. Despite having normal to oily skin myself, this is not too greasy or rich and moisturizes like no other. 

Inglot Gel Liner. Despite having once worked for the brand, I promise I do not represent them in anyway now but I had to include this on my list! This gel liner applies fluidly and evenly and WILL NOT BUDGE. This is one hundred percent waterproof so is ideal for wearing on the waterline too. The only issue with this is you will absolutely need an oily eye make up remover to get it off both your skin and your brush. It is only three euro more expensive than Maybelline's offering which everyone raves about but a thousand times better. 

Mac Lipstick. What is it about those sleek little black bullets? Of all the lip products I have tried, Mac lipsticks reign supreme amongst my favourites. There is a shade for every taste as well as a great range of finishes. My favourite is the Amplified Creme finish which is super pigmented and feels lovely and creamy on the lips. I have a Word Document containing a wish list purely of Mac lipsticks I want and I harbor a secret desire to one day collect them all (if I win the lottery!). Stand out shades include Girl About Town - a hot pink, Dark Side - an incredible gothic purple and Myth - a beige nude.  

There you have it, another 5 cult products. You can check out Dani's blog here and follow her on twitter to keep update here. 

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  1. I agree completely, love your blog so much btw xoxox

    1. Glad you like Dani's choices. Thanks for your kind comment :) xx

  2. Have to agree with the Inglot choices, their freederm system is amazing!

    1. I'm yet to try them I need to get to inglot quick! :)


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