Wishlist: The Extravagant Kind!

We all have those products that we really would love to own but cannot justify spending the money or in some case when they have a unrealistic price tag we simply cannot afford to buy those products unless we sell one of our kidneys. Well here is my overpriced wishlist, thought this would be a fun post, that we can all drool over and then you can tell me what your heart desires in the comments below...so lets get cracking.

1. The Makeup Forever Flash Palette, the makeup artist in me wants this so bad. I see myself now making a clients lips all different colours of the rainbow. Arrrrhhh I so want it. Yet wait for it this palette is $95. I cannot for the life of me even consider paying that much for 12 cream colours. I would be crazy worried they would dry up or something and my mid would be working over time. I simply cannot buy this for the morals of it all.

2. A Chanel Handbag. Every since I used to watch The Hills I have craved a Chanel handbag like the ones Lauren Conrad always wears. Its a pure classic and it adds such elegance to a women. These bags retail for around €1,500 plus. This is defiantly a 'marry a rich man' situation or pray your lottery numbers come up. I would be saving for this for about 2 years if I tried, then when it came to buying it I would have a breakdown thinking if I should spend all that money on a bag. However I have said before my life will be complete when I'm strutting this babe up a high street.

3. Bobbi Brown BBU Cream Makeup. I think I've wanted this forever. Yet it costs £185 and that is crazy money for a palette. Its consists of 13 Corrector Shades, 14 Concealer Shades & 20 Foundation Shades. Although it would make the perfect kit essential, the price is crazy, however I will buy this one day. I can feel it in my bones. 

4. Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate. I have wanted to try Tom Ford for the longest time. Ever time I walk past the stand in Brown Thomas, I find myself having to pull myself away. If I hang around too long I will end up pulling my credit card out and have a sales assistant adding things to a bag. One thing that always catches my eye is the shade and illuminate little palette. I love cream highlighter and bronzer, so this is right up my street. I think I will buy this one day but for now my €65 is safe. 

5. Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo. I am a huge sucker for a pretty blush. I have wanted this since its release. Its so pretty and I just need it, yet it cost €52.50 and you might think I am a scrooge but I will not pay that much for a blush. That's cray cray. The more I look at it and see videos on it, I find myself contracting that statement. As you as my witness I will not buy it. (I really want it)

So there are my products I'm seriously lusting for if money was no object. What are the products you really really want but cannot justify buying or even can't handle saving for a year to buy?

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  1. Lauren you have such expensive taste haha!Totally agree with the finding a rich husband situation lol :) xx


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