Asos Wishlist

asos wishlist
It's no secret I am addicted to Asos. I go on there nearly everyday and browse the clothes and beauty and accessories adding things to my basket and then leaving simply because I have no spare cash at the moment. So I have created a wishlist so we can all lust and droll together. 

First up is those amazing american themed leggings. I feel I need these to complete my life. I am obsessed with america and these are right up my street. I recently bought my first pair of legging after losing 2 stone and I have to say there are so comfortable I need to stock up on them. Next we have the polka dot Keds. So I seen Taylor Swift advertising these so if she has them I need them, plus I live in shoes like this. I love my flats, taking of flats how frekin cute are these panda ones. Arrrrhhhh I want them so badly however they are€33 so there goes getting them anytime soon.

Moving onto the gorgeous head piece. I searched high and low shopping the other week for one of these could not find one, this one is simply too cute, The flowers aren't too big so its more subtle and it adds the finishing touches to any outfit. Next up the neon see through bag, although part of me thinks like my nan and says that a bag like this is dangerous, I mean you are advertising to thieves and muggers what you have on offer, however I simply want one, so cool. Finishing off with a bit of class. This simple sheer polka dot blouse which goes amazing with the leggings and Keds, maybe its a sign I should but them. 

That's all I want, not much........

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