Ever since a young age, I have been applying false nails. I used to get my mum to apply them and I go back out the street playing scratching all the boys cause I finally had nails. Yep you guessed I am a nail biter. I stopped it for a whole year and my nails grew so nice. However this year I started biting them again. I don't know why, but now they look horrid and small and I don't have the willpower to make them grow back.

So while in Pennys/Primark last weekend I spotted this cute Mustache nails. I quickly threw them into my basket because number 1, they had mustaches on them and 2, they were €1.50. Hello bargain!

I didn't expect much from these nails but I was pleasantly surprised. These nails are really good. Yes the look totally fake but finally I have found false nails that fit my small nails. I have freakish small nails, there are like little baby nails. Seriously. So I was delighted to find a size that fitted well onto each finger except for the thumb nail, that was a bit dodgy but It worked.

Staying power I could not tell you how long they lasted as I pulled them all off within a day. I don't know how people wear false nails constantly. I couldn't even undo my button on my jeans. I had a break down lol.

Netherless they look super cute and for €1.50 you can't really go wrong. These would be prefect for parties, concerts or any occasion where you want to spruce up your own nails. They come in a lot styles aswell. So I'm sure there is something there for everyone.

Have you tried Primark nails yet?