City Breaks Tips & Advice (where to stay, how to get around) (repost)

So its that time of year again, where we all sit in front of the computer drooling about where to go this summer to get away from all the stress we have in our lives. I thought I would do a posts about city breaks. I will tell you tips and tricks on how to get the most from your holiday and also give you some tips on how to decide where to stay in the city of your choice. Lets get started.

Ok so when you have decided on where you are going weather it be Paris or Rome you want to put a little research into where you are going to stay while you are there. This will make or break a trip, I personally think. Location is key. I say this because number 1, It makes it a lot easier in the night time to get around without worrying about how you will get back and number 2, you may pay more for a central location but in the long run you will save on transport if you stay somewhere where everything is within walking distance. Those are just some prime examples as to why location is key. When you decide what city you want to visit, hotel searching is the next objective. You want to put a lot of research into this, don't rush this. Take time to pin point on google maps where hotels are situated, calculate on how far they are from prime locations and sights and the most important thing read reviews on trip advisior of these hotels, people on that website are brutly honest so you know if it says the hotel is covered in dirt then 9 times out of 10 its a filthy hotel.

If you find a hotel you really like but the price is a little out of your price range, go on hotel comparison sites like You will be amazed at how cheaper some companies can offer the hotels.

Before jet setting off to your city break do a little research on you will get from the airport in these big cities, taxi/cabs can be over priced so check out some public transport like buses and trains that will save you some money. Most of the time there will be special trains or buses that go back and forth the airport.

Once you arrive in your city. Its time to decide on how you will get around. I recommend a sightseeing bus, I know it sounds totally touristy but believe me its the best way to get around and see all that that city has to offer. Most cities do a hop on hop off bus service and this is fantastic as you can see what you really want to see. Another way is to take advantage of the cities metro system. They are cheap and the locals always use them. Try to avoid taxis they tend to charge a lot when they see you don't speak the countries language.

Lastly is plan plan plan. The only way you will see everything is if you plan what you are going to do everyday. Write an Itinerary for each day. This way you will get everything done and get to see everything.

If you want me to do a packing tips posts then comment below and tell me.

Hope you found this post useful, any questions feel free to ask.

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