How To Find Your Skin Undertone

Hi everyone, today we are talking about how to find your skin undertone. This is another important step in getting the perfect makeup application.

Here is some tricks and tips on how to find your skin undertone.

Watch the video all about finding your skin type here:

Watch the next video in the series all about choosing the right shade of foundation:

Warm Skin Undertones:
*Green Vains,
*Gold, Yellow look to your skin,
*gold jewelry  looks best on you.

Cool Skin Undertones:
*Blue Vains
*Pink, Blush Look to your skin
*Silver Jewelry Looks best on you

Neutral Skin Undertones:
* Blue & Green Vains
*A Mixture of pink, blush, gold and yellow look to your skin
*Both silver and gold jewelry look good on you

If you are still confused after this video. Feel free to leave a comment telling me you eye and hair colour and what Jewelry looks good on you. If you still not sure, send me a picture of yourselves with good lightening, with either a piece of silver or gold jewelry. or both. Also feel free to send a good quality picture of your vains, I know it sounds random but thats what this video is all about helping people.

Send pictures to
or tweet me @laurenmariemua

To recap: People with Cool undertones wear pink based foundations, people with warm undertones wear yellow based foundations, people with a neutral undertones can wear both.

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