James Brown Colour Enhance Shampoo

James Brown Colour Enhance Shampoo
Hey everyone, hope your all doing well, today I am talking about a Shampoo. I don't do too many hair products posts on this blog but I really should as I am a huge haircare nerd. So with all that in mind I thought I would talk about my favourite shampoo at the moment. Enter James Brown Colour Enhance. I originally received this in a set for Christmas from my brother and I saved it till I went to Paris as I like to go away with luxury hair products, luxury to me is anything that costs over €5, Ebenezer Scrooge alert!

Yes this shampoo is over the €5 mark €8.49 to be precise. However I think it is totally worth it. Now I have pretty oily hair, I wash it in the morning and I can guarantee by the next day or even late that night it can either feel greasy or look a little too shiny. So I usually avoid shampoos for dry hair or anything that offers more shine as I got enough going on. This shampoo is aimed for coloured hair. I can honestly say though I can get away without washing my hair the next day with this shampoo. I may use a little of dry shampoo on the roots but overall its like 80% less greasy than it would normally be with regular shampoo. As for colour treated. I have switched from semi permanent hair colour to permanent simply because they are cheaper and they last a little longer, however they give really bad roots. This shampoo does keep my hair colour looking pretty good for a little longer. So it does what it has to do. It keeps the colour and keeps my hair super soft without adding any oil. 

One thing I love the most about this shampoo is the smell. if I had to describe it I would say the smell of macaroons when you are making them.  so it basically smells like almonds.

I truly love this shampoo, I don't use it everyday as my hair will get used to it, but when I do use it I notice a difference from the other shampoos on the market. 

What is your favourite shampoo, any I should try for oily hair? 

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