Lancome Color Fever Gloss In Precious Beige

So you know how I always say I hate lipgloss, well I think I have finally been converted. Yes, I've been converted with the help of Lancome Color Fever Gloss. I am not even kidding you. This lipgloss is everything you want in a lipgloss, its hydrating, not too sticky and has pretty good staying power.

Its really hard for me to explain but it has this creamy texture that feels so smooth on your lips. Almost like a lip butter from Revlon with a bit more stickiness but nothing too hair sticking to your lips situation. The texture is what I really like about this product. Its isn't sticky like usual lipglosses but it still has that hydrating feel. You know something is on your lips but its not irritating. I got the shade Precious Beige which is a clear gloss, it does have a hint of colour but it seems to blend into my lips leaving them glossy and fuller looking. 

Ok so here is where I thought this product was worth the money you pay. It seems to hang around even after drinking. Pretty impressive for a gloss. If I say so myself. It also wears off nicely without getting stuck to the sides of your mouth. Which is always a plus. Another thing I noticed is that it works well layered even layered on its own or over your favorite lippie. If layered on its own the colour seems to change as you apply the product making it a sheer gloss or a more dramatic glossy look. So if you had a more vibrant colour in this range you would have the option of having a simpler look or a more dramatic look to your lips. Us girls love our options so this is perfect for that. 

I can easily see why this one of Lancome's top selling product. It impressed me big time and I do not like Lip Glosses. However this has changed my mind. With a glossy look without the tackiness and the easy application and the elegant look it leaves I may have found the perfect lipgloss....

You can buy Lancome Fever Gloss here or you can shop the whole Lancome lip range here.

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