Lancóme Génifique Sóleil SPF 30

Lancóme  Génifique Sóleil SPF 30
Woah what can I say, I am pretty amazed that we have had a summer like this. It has been pretty special when it comes to the weather, usually Ireland gets a week of sun and then bam its raining again, however this summer I have finally got a tan, a celebration in itself. (vampire right here)

So with the sun comes sun protection. I was sent this one from Lancome to test and review. So here is what I think. Ok first of all I love the packaging it reminds me so much of a solero ice cream lolly. I also appreciate  the SPF 30 I sometimes wear a 20 but since I've been pretty much out all day in the sun its important to go for one with a little bit of higher SPF. The texture of this spf is a cream so it applies like a cream and sinks into your skin leaving it really soft. It doesn't have any sticky residue or white cast. So its pretty much perfect right? Well here is the one thing I did not like about this product. I aim to be an honest blogger even if something is sent to me. So I will tell you this products fall back. It goes on smelling lovely however after a few hours it must react with the sun or something but it stinks like sweat, BO or whatever you want to call it. It literally stinks. So much so I wouldn't wear it at a public event in case anyone thought I smelt of sweat. 

The smelliness aside, it might just be my skin or something. I won't hold it against the product as I really like the protection it gives and I usual burn like a sausage but I have gone lovely and golden without one bit of red. 

Overall its a really good Sun Protector. It provides a good few hours of protection, it applies like a dream and has no sticky or white cast residue, however I didn't like the smell after a hour or two in the sun. 

Have you tried this? Did you smell after using it? 

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