Lauren Marie Blog Awards- Share The Love

I've been meaning to do a share the love post for quite some time. However I have not got round to it, so with it being blog award season, I thought why not do my own awards, in such a way its like a share the love post. Obviously the people who have won these awards don't win prizes but I thought it would be a fun way for you to discover other blogs. So with 5 Awards up for grabs lets see who has won. 

The Blog That Oozes With Elegance: When I thought of this award I knew who I would pick and that is....Julie from Musings Of A Makeup Manic. Julie's blog has such an elegant feel to it. She reviews products in such a way it makes you believe you need the products in order to be a true lady. Julie has the most amazing skin and her makeup is always flawless, she literally doesn't need to put any effort into looking great. She has this 'lady'  feel to her personality that makes her stand out from others bloggers. She reviews high end products that make you ooohh and arrh and seriously make you arrrhhh when you see your bank balance but she also has her purse friendly products.  I highly recommend this blog.

The Budget Friendly Blog: We all love a blog we know we can turn do that we know won't break the bank. This award has to go to Jess from Lovely Jubbly. Jess's blog is the perfect blog for when you need to know all about the lastest drugstore offerings. She proves that you don't need to spend a lot on products to get great results. Jess writes reviews, lifestyle and she has fashion posts on her blog. Its an all round blog with a bit of everything, which I personally love. Her love of everything home decor makes this blog a perfect read. I highly recommend checking out Jess's blog as you wont regret it. 

The Best Lifestyle Blog: I knew straight away when I thought of this award. This defiantly has to go to Becky from Milkbubbletea.  Becky's blog is ah-mazing. She has a mixture of all kind of posts, her home decor posts make me want to change my bedroom around everytime she posts. Her easy yet amazing cake posts are to die for and her regular wishlists give you loads of ideas as to what to buy next. Becky has great taste in everything. She also does beauty posts where she gives really good informative reviews. This blog is not to be missed. 

The Blog That Makes You Want To Buy Everything: A dangerous award, but someone has to win it. This has got to go to Alix From I Covet Thee.   Alix's blog has it all. She has a great layout which gives the blog such simplicity. She gives really good reviews but most of all she actually makes you want everything she posts. Which is a bad thing for my bank but a good thing for my collection. I discover so much from Alix's blog. She has an amazing personality and her skin is so doll like its perfect which makes me want what she puts on her skin even more. I think once you read Alix's blog you will return time and time again. 

The Blog That Keeps It Real: We all know some blogs don't post reviews if they don't like the product. Which I personally don't like. I like to know the products that are rubbish and the ones to avoid. So for this award I'm giving it two straight talking  friends Dee and SinĂ©ad from Viva Adonis . These two girls tell us how it is when it comes to products even if they receive the products for free. I know I can always trust these girls when it comes to their reviews. They give honest, informative reviews and they post very regularly What more could you want? A blog not to be missed. 

So there are my blog awards. I hope you enjoyed this posts. I might do a youtube award if wanted. I think these type of posts are perfect for getting to know other blogs you might not be aware of. 

Comment below and tell me the blogs you love reading.  


  1. What a fantastic idea! I love this type of post but I love how you created 'awards' :) I agree with Alix's blog making you want to buy everything.


    1. love alix's blog. glad you liked the post, thought I would do something a little different.

  2. Love the selection of blogs you decided to talk about. I agree completely about Alix's blog, it's so beautiful.
    Niamh x

    1. glad you liked the post. Yeah Love Alix's blog myself.


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