I have recently started to paint my nails again. They are growing thanks to my trusty jelly cube a day method. So enter Maybelline Pink Boom nail polish. With its bright pink appearance it was my first choice in my nail collection. My mum bought me this around 3 weeks ago but I have not tried it till now. Here are my thoughts.

Application is super easy. You can easily get away with one coat if your in a hurry. However I went for two as I had nothing better to do then paint my nails. The coats dry pretty quick between each coat so Its really didn't take that long. The finish of this nail polish is super glossy. Its really nice, almost like you have put a glossy top coat over the top. The colour is a bright neon pink which is right up my street as I love anything that stands out. However this nail polish is a chipper. I painted my nails allowed to dry fully, took photos and then cooked dinner. This is where it all went wrong. After dinner I noticed it had chipped on a few nails along the edges. Usually this wouldn't bother me but I wanted it to last for the next day as I am working and want them to look pretty. Not good enough Maybelline.

I mean its a nice nail polish. Looks lovely and glossy on the nails but it chips. Unless you sit on your arse all day you wont get more than 2 days out of this nail polish.

Have you tried these polishes? Is it just me it chipped on?