Revlon Pink In The Afternoon
So after years of looking for the perfect pink everyday lipstick, I think I have finally found it. While browsing the Revlon stand in Boots recently I came across a shade called Pink In The Afternoon, I swatched it and didn't think much of it however then when I googled it to see how it looked on the lips, I quickly threw it into my basket. 

Ok where do I start with this lipstick. It is a certified perfect pink lipstick. It's not too bright, barbie (ish) or too pale where it looks like you have 'dead' lips. Nope this lipstick is the lipstick you throw on when you want that girly, everyday, innocent look. You know the look we want when we don't want to look like we are trying to hard. In a nutshell, 'pink in the afternoon' is a cool toned pink that I think will look perfect on everyone.

The formula of this lipstick is creamy. Which is a huge plus as I have dry lips so any dry smackers suffers (imagine if that was a medical term) will love this one. It doesn't last a super long time on your lips however it wears off nicely on the lips. It literally sinks into the lips until its no longer visible, instead of going patchy etc. So its not so long wearing time is replaced with good wearing off technique (I'm rambling).

Overall I love this lipstick and so happy I discovered it. I have finally found the perfect everyday pink lipstick and the best thing its a drugstore product. 

Pink In The Afternoon retails for €10.70, £7.49 & $6.99