Sephora Wishlist

So with the countdown on to my holiday, I have already been browsing the Sephora site as to what I will be buying in Barcelona's Sephora. Now this might just be me trying to justify it all but I think my wishlist is pretty contained. Its not too cray cray as some might say. However the main reason for this is because I am hoping I will return from Spain with some left over cash to buy a new camera. So here's hoping. 

So basically when it all comes down to it, as much as I love Sephora, I can sometimes get a little overwhelmed with it all, especially when its in a country where I don't speak their language. So I always like to know what I want before I leave. Two of these products will have to be swatched until I find the perfect shade but lets hope I don't catch the sales ladies eye as I will have to try and speak Spanish and god knows how that will turn out. 

I really want to try Nars Gina blush as I've seen it in a few peoples videos lately and love how its like the prefect orange, peachy blush and being a huge Nars lover it only makes sense. Next product pretty speaks for itself. I had no real interest in wanting this until I saw Orla from Makeupovermind wearing it and I said to myself 'What is that amazing glow on those cheeks, Orla', turns out it was Dior Amber Diamonds. I don't want this I need it. Then the last two products are concealers, I want the Nars one for my under eye dramas and the Makeup Forever one for blemishes as I've heard it can pretty much cover a hole in the wall. So that's my wishlist. Pretty small but that's because there is a motive behind it all. 

Let the shopping begin! 8 days to go!!!


  1. Apologies Lauren for leading you astray! Hope you like it! I'm itching to get the NARS creamy concealer too!

  2. Ohh I really want Dior Amber Diamonds too! So pretty! Just heard of the MUFE one and want it too :/ Great list!


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