How To Determine Your Skin Type

Hey Everyone, welcome to the first video in the new series, Makeup Masterclass. Today we are starting with the very basis, finding out your skin type. This is the most important part of makeup. Unless you truly know your skin type you will never get the perfect makeup application. 

There are two tests to do. Before each test, Wash face as normal and wait 1-2 hours. 

Number 1 is purely observation: Take a good look at your skin in a mirror (a double sided magnifying mirror is perfect) Take a look at the characteristics below:

*Normal Skin: Soft look, clear, little bit of oil on t-zone, nothing to mainly report

*Oily: greasy looking, shinny appearance, large pores

*Dry: small pores, flaking looking, dead skin effect, rough kind of texture.

*Combination: Oily t-zone, large pores on t-zone, dry face, normal skin on the rest of the face

*Sensitive: red looking, tight, can be dry. 

Method 2: Tissue Test

Results on Tissue:

*Normal: Nothing on tissue, little tiny amount of oil

*Oily: greasy looking tissue, wet looking, oil all over the tissue

*Combination: oil from t-zone, flaking from the sides of face, nothing to report

*Dry: flaking skin, dry patches on tissue, tissue may be stuck to face depending on how dry it is.

*Sensitive: nothing can be seen on tissue unless dry. However face is tight after washing. 

If you are still a little confused about what skin type you have, leave a comment below and I will help you out. Or we can all help each other out. 

*Next week we look at how to find your skin undertone. 

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