Benefit World Famous Neutrals - Eyenessa's Sexiest Nudes EverBenefit World Famous Neutrals - Eyenessa's Sexiest Nudes EverBenefit World Famous Neutrals - Eyenessa's Sexiest Nudes Ever

So Benefit released these little neutrals kits a little while back and I never really seemed to want to own one, however I was recently browsing the Aer Lingus on flight shopping in preparation for my holiday and saw they we only €23 on there instead of their €33 something price tag. I knew I couldn't resist a bargain.
The collection consists of three palettes, I got the one that was a little more of smokey eye colours as I have so many brown shades. Upon first glance the palette is so cute, it has the usual adorable, funky Benefit packaging. However I got to say, that's how far it goes on how much I like this palette. 

You get 4 powdered eyeshadows and 2 cream shadows, I actually forgot to take a picture of the cream shadows, but I did include swatches. I was extremely disappointed about the cream shadows, the shade Bikini Tini was a huge disappointment. It very chunky glitter and does not apply onto the eye very well at all. It goes very patchy and it was like a losing battle trying to get it to look half decent. The other cream shadow Holy Smokes, is nice and leaves a very subtle smokey look to the eye which I like. The other shadows in the palette are powder shadows and not very pigmented. I mean they swatch alright, nothing amazing but I had no luck with trying to get these to show on my skin. 

I still have my same thoughts when it comes to Benefit, they are a brand that have pretty packaging, but are simply not worth the high price tag. This palette lacks pigmentation and doesn't have the wow factor, I'm glad I bought it for a cheaper price. I don't know if the other palettes are better but all I can say is this is not worth buying at all. 

Have your tried this palette?