Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick In SuspenseChanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick In Suspense

I have never owned a Chanel lipstick, I have always wanted to, but just never really thought about buying one, that was until I was in a airport buying everything around me. Chanel makeup is like the classiest of the classiest. The sleek packaging, the sexy logo, and the gorgeous shades of colour they offer, it was no wonder I had to try one of these lipsticks out. 

Enter Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. These are like the perfect texture in a lipstick.They are smooth, almost buttery and make your lips feel super soft and glossy without having a sticky residue. Being a shine lipstick you would expect that you wouldn't get that much colour pay off but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. The shade Suspense (No.80) is a reddish pink with the tiniest amount of shimmer/glitter. Its more on the dark pink side than red, but I think it would work with all skin tones. 

The staying power is pretty average. You will get a good 2-3 hours out of this lipstick. When the gloss wears of you are left with a stain, not sure if that's just because the colour is a vibrant colour or if all the shades do this. Either way it's always nice to carry a Chanel lipstick in your handbag ready for when you need to reapply. 

Overall a gorgeous shade, unique to my collection. It has a brilliant texture that makes your lips feel plump and soft and glossy. Do I recommend buying it? Well if your like me and want pretty things go for it, but if you like to watch how you spend your penny's, opt for something in the drugstore, the bourjois shine edition lipsticks are pretty close, all I know is I don't see my Chanel lipstick collection ending here..

Chanel Rouge coco shine lipstick retails for €26.50 /£24.00/ $32.50
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