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Cutey Jewellery Cutey Jewellery
Hello all, how are you?, today I have a review that is non makeup surprise surprise, I do like other things than makeup. I can see you are all shocked. I have a little review on some Jewellery pieces from I was sent these from the company and as I do love my little pieces of Jewellery I was all over it. 

First Piece is a charm bracelet, it has a Pandora feel to it, but a lot cheaper and by that I mean price not quality. The bracelet itself is so cute and dainty, however its too tight. I checked the website and noticed that it does come in 2 sizes, so not sure if I was sent the smaller size but its a little snug to say the least. However its a gorgeous little piece . The biggest beads on there have a simple rose design, then there is two love heart charms and the cutest thing is the little heart with a little girl and boy sharing their first kiss. How romantic? I really do like this piece only for the fact its a little too small. This bracelet retails for €14.88 /£12.99/ $20.09. The website has a whole range of these type of bracelets that will suit everyones preference. You can shop the range here

The next bracelet is called a Shamballa Bracelet I got a clear diamond one however the site does offer a range of colours. I have had many bracelets like this before and I love them as they are so easy to wear. They look more expensive than what they are and are simple to get on without trying to do up a clasp. I do like this bracelet it was a nice fit and looks great with almost every outfit. These retail for €21.76/£18.99 or $29.38. I do feel these are a little pricey as I see them everywhere for under €10 however I think the quality is good so you might not mind paying a little extra. You can shop the range here.

Overall I really liked this brand, the quality was good and they looked lovely on. I do feel the Shamballa bracelet was a little over priced for what it is. However that could be just being very frugal. What do you think?

*disclaimer, this product was sent to me for review purposes, this however does not change my opinion of the product, all my reviews are 100% honest*

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