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Maybelline, Tarte, Nyx and Stila

So a little while ago me and a lovely lady called Rachel decided to do a little makeup swap and my package came yesterday and I got to say I was so excited opening and trying everything so I decided to share my excitement with you and show you what I got. I asked Rachel if it was possible to try a Tarte blush and the Maybelline Neon Range, everything else she included was a bonus, I am so grateful for everything if you are reading this. 

Ok so as you can see, I got a range of different brands some I have never tried before and some I already love. I think I start with the thing I am admiring the most and that's the Tarte Blush. Its in the shade Peaceful and Rachel knows me so well, its the perfect colour, a peach/ pink with a hint of shimmer that adds so much warmth to the cheeks. I tried this, this morning and they go on like a dream and a little goes a long way. Another blush I got was from NYX, this is a mosaic blush in the shade Rosey. I have only swatched this so far, it gives the most beautiful hint of colour, that has a lovely sheen, cannot wait to wear this one. The last blush product I got was one from Bare Minerals. I have never tried anything from this brand before so I was super excited to try this. Its part of their Ready range and its a highlighter and blush duo, I used the highlighter this morning and its very natural, which I like and it still looks good as I'm writing this. The blush is called 'The One' and the highlighter is called 'The Love Affair'. Rachel must know my weakness in makeup is lipsticks and blushes. Literally I am obsessed. 

Talking of lip shades I got the most gorgeous shade of pink from Stila, this is one of their long wear matte lipsticks in the shade Intriguing. I actually wore this today and they last forever and are super duper pigmented. I also got two Maybelline Neon Baby Lips in Oh! Orange and Pink Shock, after being a little disappointed with the original ones, due to lack of pigment, these have changed my mind. I cannot wait till these hit Irish shores. The are incredible, way better than the original, they feel nicer aswell. I also receieved 2 more products from Stila one being a liquid highlighter in the shade Pink Shimmer and a eyeshadow in the shade Melody. The eyeshadow is right up my street, I love purple shades on me, it makes my eyes pop. As for eyes, I got this gorgoeus palette from Wet n Wild, which is totally new to me and its in the shade Silent Treatment. I can say this palette will probably get some usage and the eyelid shade is gorgeous, I have already swatched this and that shade is like wowza. Lastly I got a NYX jumbo pencil in the shade Electric Blue. I love my neon shades for fashion makeup and I can already see a look for my channel with this one. 

So there you have it my American Makeup swap. I am so gratfeul for everything and a big thanks to Rachel. 

What are you craving from America? 

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