Autumn / Fall Nail Polish Picks

Dark shades for autumn, red nail polishes, purple nail polishesDark shades for autumn, red nail polishes, purple nail polishes
I love when the colder months come in and the darker polishes come out. I do like to wear a darker shade of nail polish, I just think it makes you look all Devil Wears Prada like. I am so talking utter crap now ain't I. On to the actually point behind this point. Here are my favourite shades for Autumn / Fall. 

First up we have OPI William Tell Me About It, this is a deep plum shade that looks super glossy and fabulous. Although I honestly don't think OPI are worth they hype, but I do love this shade. Next up is a new edition to my collection its from Barry M surprise surprise and its the shade Passionfruit, again this is super glossy due to it being a part of the gelly shine range. Passionfruit isn't your typical autumn shade as its not super dark but I think its nice to have a pop of colour in the colder months to make your hands look warmer. Sticking with the whole red theme I do love a red shade in Autumn. We have Sally Hansen All Fired Up. This is part of their Salon range which means it has a base coat, top coat and all those extra perks thrown into one bottle, which leaves the nails glossy and looking like your own personal manicurist has done your nails. I love this shade, when I wear it, it always catches my eye. 

Ok so moving back to the darker shades we have Barry M Raspberry, which is one of those shades I also recommend to people, its unlike anything I have in my collection. Its a deep raspberry shade that looks simply amazing on the nails this is a must have shade from Barry M. Moving into glittery territory we have Models Own Disco Mix, this looks amazing over purple shades or on its on, if you love glitter polishes this is your guy for autumn/fall. Lastly is the one I love to put under Disco Mix and it is Barry M in Vivid Purple. This is a gorgeous shade of purple it has like a shimmery tone running through it without actually being a shimmery polish if that makes any sense at all. This was one of the first Barry M polishes I bought. I have repurchased it since then and I simply love it.  

There you go, my fave shades for the colder months. Do any tickle your pickle? Let me know what you wear in autumn.

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