Autumn Wishlist- Beauty & Fashion

Autumn Wishlist- Beauty & Fashion

September is here, which means a new wishlist and new clothes. I have recently lost over 2 stone so I threw out, and donated all those clothes that are too big and It felt so good. I never want to wear those sizes again. I always like to go clothes shopping, but I am beyond excited to go this year. I am going to buy a dress dun dun dun. 

Ok first up is a jumper/sweatshirt from H&M its simple, and its something that you can lounge around in with a pair of leggings. Next is a new handbag, this is the only one I want Its from Karen Milen, however its like €250 so it will never happen, but making these wishlists gives me hope. Ok so I have a dress this month on the wishlist. I know right! I thought the day would never come where I could buy a dress, I hate my legs so I will wear tights with this one, but I think its so cute with the hearts. 

Getting serious now with the glasses, I need new glasses big time, my other ones have gone too weak and I feel myself straining sometimes to see things. That makes me super sad, but eyeing (pun intended)  up this Ray Ban ones are making me happy. Lastly is two nail polishes that I'm lusting over. The pink one is from Essie and its part of their bridal collection this year, its like a gorgeous pink shade that I must own. Lastly is a polish from Nails Inc, and its called Electric Avenue. I actually don't own a good silver glitter so this is defiantly getting bought this month.

So that's my Autumn wishlist. I'm super excited for the colder weather, I love wearing scarves and snugly jumpers and coming in from the cold to a warm fire. Ah pure bliss. 

What are you wanting this month? Are you excited for colder weather or am I crazy? 

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