Get The Look - Tara Knowles, Sons Of Anarchy

Get The Look - Tara Knowles, Sons Of Anarchy
Get The Look - Tara Knowles, Sons Of Anarchy

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you will know I love Sons Of Anarchy, in fact I'm obsessed. My favourite character is Tara, the way she has changed as the seasons have progressed is really interesting, I wont give too much away incase you haven't seen the show yet, but I highly recommend it. I am going to show you today how to get her 'biker's wife'style.

Tara has worn jeans throughout the whole 6 seasons, I don't actually think I've seen her in anything else. So I have a navy pair of jeans here from New Look, that look fairly similar to Tara's. To team up with the jeans, I'm pretty sure through out the show she has always worn some kind of vest weather it be under a jacket or a open blouse, she is likely to wear a vest. This grey low cut vest is from River Island and is perfect to give you Tara's look. You can opt for any colour, black, white or any shade. To keep in with the biker theme grab yourself a biker's leather jacket. This one from River Island is bang on trend. Tara has had a leather jacket since season 1. I'm pretty sure hers is a tanned colour, but I've opted for a black one to keep it more sleek looking. To break up the dark shades, I opted for a light brown pair of boots. These are prefect to give you that SOA style.

Moving onto accessories, Tara always wears a necklace, usually its a horseshoe, or a pendant, however in season 6 I've seen her rocking a crescent shaped one and the closest thing I found is from Topshop. To go with her biker style this cuff styled bracelet is perfect and is also from Topshop.

For Tara's makeup, she keeps it pretty simple. She will either have the sofest brown smokey eye, or she will not wear any eye makeup. This palette from MUA which is an all matte palette is perfect to create Tara's effortless look. As for cheeks usually her cheeks just look like they have some bronzer on them so a matte bronzer is prefect for this look. Lastly to finish it all off, grab Mac Shy Girl and apply that barely there lip shade.

There you go. Your guide to achieving Tara Knowles style. All you have to do now is grab yourself a gorgeous looking bloke with a Harley and away you go.

 I hope you enjoyed this style of post.

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  1. Other than the merchandise I have found on Leathers Trend, I have not found a replica of the vest. You could purchase a vest and find patches that are similar to the jackets on the show and make you're own, though that may be time consuming.
    You can found more smellier at here:


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