Kiko Kiss Balm In Apricot

Kiko Kiss Balm In Apricot Kiko Kiss Balm In Apricot Kiko is a brand that everyone seems to be jumping on these days. I discovered Kiko around 2 years ago while I was in Rome. Its like makeup lover paradise in any Kiko store, the shops are pretty small and there is wall to wall makeup with everything laid out within arms reach so no need to try and hunt down a sales girl. The best thing about Kiko is the fact that everything is affordable so you can shop till you drop without worrying about your bank balance. Seriously thou, its actually cheaper than drugstore at the moment, which seems to be going up everytime I go in there. 

While in Barcelona, I couldn't help but go into the Kiko store. I picked up a various amount of items so expect some reviews in the next few days. Today though we are going to be talking about the Kiss Balms, I think these are pretty new to Kiko. They cost a mere €5.90 or £5.90 not sure how that conversion works out, but hey ho. 

Kiss Balms are your typical lipbalm with SPF that offer a nice hint of colour, similar to the Maybelline baby lips but in my opinion a lot better texture. They actually offer better lip protection in terms of helping dry lips and they feel nicer on the lips. The texture of these is almost like a revlon lip butter but a lot less buttery, as they are lot smoother. The colour I have is Apricot which is a peach shade that looks pretty natural on the lips. I was debating between this one and a berry shade, but I opted for a more summery shade, I blame the heat at the time, i could not foresee the future of windy Ireland while being stuck in 30 degrees.  However I think its a colour I will wear all year round just due to the fact its so wearable. 

I really like these kiss balms. They have a great feel to the lips, they keep the lips hydrated and they offer SPF which is always an added bonus. I also really like the packaging, it looks a bit more expensive than your typical lipbalm. You can but Kiko Kiss Balms here on the UK site or if you live elsewhere in europe you can shop here. 

Have you tried Kiko Kiss Balms?


  1. This looks amazing!! I've never tried anything from Kiko but these seem like they are right up my street when it comes to lip products! :)

    1. you can order from the uk site. which is handy. their stuff is great and great value

  2. i love that color!


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