Kiko Wet & Dry Eyeshadow In 208 -Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish Dupe?

Kiko Wet & Dry Eyeshadow In 208 -Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish Dupe?

Kiko Wet & Dry Eyeshadow In 208 -Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish Dupe?Mac Whisper of gilt dupe
Swatch of Kiko 208 Mac Dupe

While in Kiko, I picked up the eyeshadow in shade 208. The main reason I picked this up was because I was watching Nikkie Tutorials monthly favourites and she mentioned it was a dupe for Mac's Extra Dimension Skinfinish, However when I got to the shop, I totally forgot what shade she mentioned and ended up with shade 208. Got home, realized it was the wrong shade and in fact found a dupe for Mac Whisper Of Gilt, so not really a huge loss.  Now personally I never bought any of the extra dimensions from Mac simply because I thought they were too gold for my pale skin and €28 is a lot of money to waste if it wasn't suitable. So when I saw a chance of a dupe for €8 I was like Hell Ya!

I have used this product as a eyeshadow and as a highlighter  It is a gorgeous highlighter as its looks so 'bling bling' and if you love your highlighter to look like you have highlighter on then this is your guy. On me its a more of a night out highlighter as I think it a little too gold for the day time and may look a little too out of place but on darker skin tones it would look amazing as a everyday highlighter. It does after a while break down to nothing so as for staying time as a highlighter its not the most long wearing and performs a little better on the eyes.

In fact its a gorgeous eyeshadow shade. I applied this all over the lower lid and placed a darker brown in the crease and wow, it was amazing. One of my favourite looks that I wore most nights on holiday. It super pigmented, and last a long time on the eye and they blend like a dream. For a shimmery shadow there isn't any fallout of glitter, which is a plus. This eyeshadow also works wet and i have tried it out of curiosity and it simply gives it a metallic look and the colour intensifies a lot. I am super impressed with this shadow and glad I picked it up.

So overall, if you are looking for a dupe for Mac Whisper Of Gilt, which I think was limited edition then Kiko 208 is your man. It can be used as a eyeshadow or a highlighter depending on your skintone. It can be used as your go to highlighter for a night on the town, as it has a very glamorous look to it. For €8 you can't really go wrong for a mac dupe if you ask me. To see the two (kiko & mac)  side by side here is a blog post I found, they are identical.

Have you tried these from Kiko?

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