Review: Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Gel

Gel mascara for brows
dark brown brow gel
A brow gel with a colour

I was snooping around my local chemist the other week and I came across Maybelline Brow Drama, it was currently on offer for €5, so with that offer being too good to be missed I had to buy it, even though I really didn't need it.

This product is basically a mascara for the eyebrows that gives you a hint of colour and keeps the brow hairs at bay. I picked up the shade Dark Brown. I have pretty dark brows to begin and this just adds the tiniest amount of colour. The colour range is pretty limited it comes in three shades dark blonde, medium brown and dark brown. Maybelline actually marketed this saying to go for a shade darker to have that real brow factor, but I personally don't like my brows to be darker than they should be. I think that the Dark Brown shade is fine for people with dark hair its not too dark and its not too light. 

The brush is very interesting, it a ball shaped brush that gives you a 360 coated, so you are guaranteed to coat all the hairs. In terms of filling in the gaps if you have sparse brows then it may not be for you, I don't like to fill in my brows too much so something like this is perfect for me, but if your one who actually needs to fill in your brows or draw in your brows this will only be useful to you as a setting gel.

Now here comes the let down of the product. It leaves your brows super super stiff, almost crusty to the point you want to double cleanse the eyebrows just to get rid of the texture. It really is gross. 

Overall I could have liked this product but it left the brows way too crusty for my liking. Yes its handy and quick to use but I would rather sparse brows than stiff ones.  Its retail price is €7.49 and is currently on offer in selected places for €5. 

Have you tried this?


  1. I couldn't get this to work at all, it was too dry and the brush picked up no product :(

    1. Really. I found I wipe product off the brush. Shame. :(


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