Models Own Disco Mix Swatch

Models Own Disco Mix SwatchModels Own Disco Mix Swatch
I actually bought this polish some time ago, It was only the other day when I was clearing out my makeup drawers and doing some reorganizing that I stumbled across it. I'm not a huge glitter polish lover, mainly as it can be a real pain in the arse to remove, but something about this polish made me want it. 

I am a huge lover of Models Own polishes, they have great shade selection and I can always rely on them when I want a polish so bright it will literally blind people. Disco mix is a purple glitter with blue and silver specs. I have applied it on its own for this post, however it looks amazing and really intensified over a purple polish. 

Disco mix applies well even thou it is a glitter polish, it isn't chunky glitter or gloppy. It took 3 coats to get this effect but as I mentioned it works best over a similar shade. However the finish to this polish is gritty but that's nothing a good top coat can't smooth out. 

I really like this polish, its defiantly something for party season, or if you want to sparkle on a nights out. I do think glitter can be messy, but its worth it in the long run, when it looks super pretty. 

Have you tried Disco Mix? What's your favorite glitter polish?

Disco Mix retails for €7.65/£5


  1. Oh the colour is just gorgeous on this!!

    1. its pretty aint it. it was a pain to remove thou

  2. sooooo sparkly, I love it

    1. i know, i love it too. I really want northern lights but its always sold out :)


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