Nuxe Réve De Miel Lip BalmNuxe Réve De Miel Lip Balm

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I have been meaning to review this lipbalm ever since I got it way back in February in Paris. I picked this up after Lisa Eldridge's recommendation. She said it was one of those lipbalms that you pop on overnight and when you wake up you have smoother lips. With things being said like that I had to try it.

I have very dry lips, whatever time of the year it is, I am constantly buying lip balms and some work and some are a compete fail, however this one is a little gem. First thing you will notice when you buy this, is the fact it is very thick. As a self confessed 'hate that sticky feeling' kinda gal, I could not stick this in the day, its way to thick and I feel like my lips are being suffocated. So I pop this on before I go to bed so it does it magic while I'm asleep.

Reve De Miel leaves your lips super super super soft, yes it feels gross on but it literally removes all dead skin and cleanses your lips leaving them 99% softer. As a dry lips sufferer, I would consider this a gods send. If the great results don't impress you the smell will. As most Nuxe products it has that honey smell, which I personally love. I know its not to everyone's taste, but I think its not too overpowering, so you will be able to stick it on your lips.

Overall a pretty good lipbalm, that I would recommend if you are sick of buying those lipbalm sticks that do nothing for your lips but only make them shine. It must be good as I am on my second jar.  Yes it is a little pricey, but I think its totally worth it. I picked this up in Paris for around €6 however its €12.50 here in Ireland, but I think you get what you pay for with this gem.

You can buy Nuxe Reve De Miel from which ships internationally.

Have you tried this lipbalm? what are your favourite products for dry lips?